Black dress

All writing in Italics is Mindy’s , mine is the other rambly bits.

Let’s fast forward the move to the big city (I wish we could really have fast forwarded all that packing and unpacking.)  It was the school holidays and Stu had fallen in love with all things steampunk.  We’d been down to Oamaru and played in the Steampunk museum in a previous holidays.  Now 8 Stu suggested we make our own steampunk dress.  I thought this sounded like an awesome holiday project so we started planning.  Stu wanted a black dress to cover in cogs and gears, as we talked I started wondering something,

“Is this dress for me or you?”


“Me,” said Stu.

OK then.

I txt Michael (husband and Dad) to explain we were wandering downtown to buy our son a dress.  This was not something I’d ever thought I’d say.  Stu was in really high spirits all the way downtown.  We bounced into the children’s department in Farmers and for the very first time we turned into the section marked “Girls”.  Stu as always didn’t hesitate, he searched the racks and quickly found the perfect little black dress.  I followed him to the changing rooms looking around wondering if anyone would say anything.  They didn’t.  I found that often my fears about what would happen were worse than the reality.

So there I was standing outside the changing room waiting for my son to show me a dress.  It was a bit surreal.  I don’t remember anyone talking about this in the parenting books I’d read….

This is it the perfect dress I had thought on that special day I love it I love it I love it!

The dress was perfect. It turns out that it then needed to be worn home and definitely not steampunked.

This was the moment when we started googling.


                                           The red jacket 

That day after I got the dress me and mum thought it would need a jacket to go with it, so we went to an op shop where I found the red jacket. The jacket was a retro 90s style suit with brass buttons and a collar and when I put it on over the dress it looked stunning (good thing I was wearing black leggings!)     





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