The New Name

All writing in italics is Mindy.

The day I got my new name was very big at the time (and it still is).  The reason I chose a new name was I was getting suggestions that I should and I just felt like I wanted to.  Since I was a girl I felt like I wanted a name that suited me more.  The name Mindelan Keladry came from the main character of my favourite book series “Protector of the Small quartet by Tamora Pierce”.  She was called Keladry of Mindelan. I decided to reverse it because I felt that I don’t really need a title and I can’t change my last name.

The name change was pretty big for us too.  Weirdly the change of gender was easier for me than the name change.  I guess going through our first official and legal change seemed very permanent.  We tried the new name out for a few months to make sure that she was happy to keep it, then we booked a day off work and went to go make it official.  It is of course typical that since we had chosen very short (that’ll be easy to spell) names for both kids that she’d chose something that she’d have to spell for people every time.

The trip going down was shorter than the actual process surprisingly.  We had to wait in line then go up an elevator, wait about half an hour, walk up to the person and fill out sheets for another half hour.  It was a very slow and boring process for me even though I was excited.  

When it was finished I was thinking, “Gosh that took a long time!”  

Also, “Yay! My names changed.”

It seemed very strange to be filling out forms so similar to the ones we’d filled out at her birth.  She was still the same child but the way the world reacts to her was changing in front of my eyes.  I felt that the change should have been a ceremony rather than a form in an office block.  To celebrate one of her Grandmas bought her gold earrings and we bought her cake.

Later we marked the day on our birthday calendar but had to break the bad news that unlike Paddington Bear this did not mean she’d get two birthdays! I already knew that! But it’ll be a day when we all get cake…



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