Italics are Mindy 🙂

Togs (aka swimwear for our overseas friends), not the easiest thing in the world to buy at the best of times.  There’s the Lycra, the fit, the trying to see your own butt in the mirror.  The horror of changing rooms with only 3/4 of a curtain and the constant fear of a helpful salesperson flinging it open when you’re pantless.  Not to mention the cruelty of fluorescent lighting, and that’s just my tog shopping as a roughly average adult woman.  Buying togs that fit right and feel good for Mindy is a whole new level of tricky.

We looked at several options:

All in one zip up one. Nope, they stop at about a size 5 in NZ. (which is stupid!!)

Regular girls togs. Nope, they’re a lot higher cut than I remember and don’t provide enough coverage for an alternate female anatomy like Mindy’s.

Shorts and Top. OKish, but the girls shorts are very very wide legged. Which creates privacy issues to put it mildly.

Cue heartfelt sighing (from me) and much googling.  Riding to the rescue was  . It turns out a wonderful woman makes trans-friendly togs and undies!!!! (YAY!!!!!) Mindy even got to choose the fabric. (Doctor Who all around baby!!)

Of course the lovely woman lives in the US so the price was a bit painful once we added shipping but at least we had the option. I feel heartbroken for all the kids who will not be swimming next summer because they can’t find anything that makes them feel confident and safe.  (so sad 😦 😦 😦 😦 :(.)






4 thoughts on “Togs

  1. Very timely post! My daughter is four, she also has some alternate anatomy that we want her swimsuit to cover! Luckily at her age frills around the bottom look cute and do the trick. I have a friend adjusting her “Frozen” swimsuit to suit. I hope your daughter also finds a lively pair of togs.


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