The Move by Mindy

The move from Entfarm to Wellington was stressful and I didn’t have any say in the matter because Dad needed to get to work easier and we had to move. Now we’re moving again but it was my decision, I’m gonna get home schooled and never have to sit on a plastic chair again!!!!!!

The new house is going to have a huge lawn one story and a park near by (and those are just the priorities) 

This is all amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ps sorry we haven’t made any posts recently its because we’ve been busy:(. ) 





One thought on “The Move by Mindy

  1. Hey Mindy, I just wanted to tell you I am thinking about your and your parents. I know things are really busy but I hope to catch up with you soon. Let me know when you have internet set up!!! I cannot wait to hear about the cool stuff you do as part of your homeschooling. You got the best teacher in NZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!


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