Reading Chickens

The eggs are here and in the incubator! 

We have 18 chicken eggs because the person who sent the eggs gave us extras just in case some cracked in the post and we got given a free type of egg,  Light Sussex. 

See Light Sussex and Anconas in the incubator.     vfile_000


Also we’re making our wood box a reading hole.  We have already put up proper walls and were working on the roof and floor as well as painting, the carpet is from the garage and in perfeck condition.  The carpet is sea green and I’m going to paint the walls and ceiling a very pale pink. 

A wood box is a small extension off the side off your house that is used to store a little bit of firewood. You can access it from inside and outside the house using small doors.   It’s big enough to fit about 20 pieces of large firewood, so it’s just the right size for me.  


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