uh oh day 11 (written on day 13)

I was in the kitchen making mum a coffee when there was a power cut.  All of a sudden the power just went away, I started pilling blankets on the incubator and mum went to the fuse box to see what happened.  Nothing was wrong so we looked it up and there had been a town wide power cut due to unknown reasons.  We thought about calling search and rescue, but the eggsportation cost would have been too high,  but this is no yolk we had to save the eggs.  We started to go to Masterton with the heater on max which was eggstremly hot.  We got to Grandmas house and plugged them in.  Two days later we brought them back again with the temperature decreasing at an eggsponential rate. They’re safe at home now and we hope they will still hatch.

Keep your fingers crossed! 


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