Taonga (treasure)

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Yesterday I went to an auction with $111 of Xmas and pocket money.  There was a chest in auction house that I really wanted to get. So I saved up and waited for the auction.  In the auction the chest was about the middle so I just read until it came up.  When it came up I waited until the auctioneer dropped the price to $50 before bidding, no-one else bid. Once it was sold to me quite a few people congratulated me.

During the looking period when you get to see the things on sale I found a pair of chicken feet tongs in a mixed kitchenware basket.  The lady next to me bought the mixed kitchenware, so at the end of the auction I asked her whether I could buy the chicken tongs off her.  She just gave them to me!

A little bit after the auction the person next to us became friends with me and I’m planning on seeing her at the next auction.  We think she might have a store because she bought more things than you would actually need in a house.

I store all my precious objects in the box. So far I have got a rock from the Northland School butterfly garden and a series of Ms Marvel comics (in near mint condition.) 


4 thoughts on “Taonga (treasure)

  1. I’m kinda jealous. The only auction I ever bid at was for a house, and we lost by $1000 (which is the smallest possible increment it could’ve gone for, but we’d decided what it was worth to us, and we stopped then. The bright side: Our actual house cost us more but is better, and is very close to a supermarket + quite close to a shopping centre and SUPER close to my new roller derby league, so it turned out fine in the end! Was disappointing on the day though).

    Also that is a really nice chest, AND you got a friend. Nice work!


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