The Hornets Sting

(Italics are Mindy, normal font is Mum)

Yesterday we went into the city to go to the Te Papa bug exhibit and to visit the Endocrinologist.  My kids have taught me lot’s of things, but I must say the ability to pronounce endocrinologist wasn’t one I was expecting.

The bug exhibit was fantastic, we attempted to be as fast as a Mantis (I wasn’t), we tried to turn a cockroach into a zombie (serves it right) and Mindy shot out of a Bombardier beetles bum. It’s not everyday you get to do that….

After all that excitement we trundled off to the hospital.  For a few months we’ve suspected Mindy is at the early puberty stage and the Dr agreed with us.  What this means is that next week we go back to the city for a gnrh stimulation test to confirm.  This will take 2-3 hrs and involves multiple blood tests and an i.v. I’m thinking that we take a book.  If the test confirms then the Dr will prescribe blockers for her.  Blockers will put puberty on hold and depending on Pharmac will be either an injection or an implant.

So it was an interesting day, which will lead to an interesting next few months.

At the end of the bug exhibit there was a gift shop where I bought a hexbug Larvae, which is a robot larvae.  It moves around by wriggling and little motors on it’s underside and it avoids any objects in its way.  

In the Hospital I was pretty scared when they said I might need to have an implant.  I hope that I’ll just get the injections because I don’t want any implantation’s.  

At the end of the appointment we went to the lobby and I got to have my face painted by a neon pink fairy! Then I got to take a photo with Santa and I gave the camera my evil smile because he asked me whether I’ve been good this year…  (She has been pretty good -Mum)

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3 thoughts on “The Hornets Sting

  1. Hey, I’ve had an implant for the last … 12 years? For contraceptive reasons – and it’s fine. It’s a bit painful getting it in + out each 3 years when it needs to be replaced, but yours would probably be on a different schedule. Basically they give you one jab for a local anesthetic, insert the implant (mine is in my upper arm), then you heal the small wound + don’t have to think about it for years. I can feel it in my arm if I poke it, but it doesn’t hurt or anything – just feels like a thin stick about the length of my thumb but only like a thin nail wide (it’s probably not even that big, you know how tiny splinters feel gigantic? It’s probably like that). But it doesn’t hurt when I wiggle it – and that’s after I’ve had 4 in that same spot! I am looking forward to getting it out this week if my sterilisation procedure was successful though. But an implant is nothing to fear. I just want a cooler one, like an external memory bank or laser eyes…


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