9,000 years ago the first pots were made, this marked the start of something big. With pottery around we were able to do amazing things, carry water without it absorbing is just one! (before they used stone and wood bowls which are pretty absorbent.) It also marked the age of lots of new arts. Vessels used to hold food made out of clay had beautiful patterns and colours on them, amazingly intricate handles and shapes were made.

Mum and I tried to do some of these things and did quite well even though they weren’t water proof, here are some examples.

File_000 (21)
This pot was one of the most recent pots Mum and I did at home using the coil technique and it’s by far the biggest. The vine pattern on it has flowers branching off at random intervals. We painted it brown so it would look more old, over-run and just ancient pretty-cool eh?   
File_001 (13)
This pot was made in Oamaru down south out of limestone, soil and water. It was an unfortunate choice of ingredients because limestone dust clumps I didn’t know that until I went to a pottery class were Sam the potter told me about it.  
File_004 (7)
This was the first pot we made I did the lid and mum did the rest i’m pretty proud of that lid since it was my first try at pottery it was quite difficult to do especially if the clay hardens slightly in the middle of making it. Tell me about annoying, right!  



One thought on “Pottery

  1. Funny that you painted your coil pot brown – I was assuming you’d painted the inside of the pot for some reason, because the clay I remember using at school was the exact brown you painted your outside! Must’ve just had different soil available I guess, in North Queensland Australia.


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