My Money Dilemma

As you know last year I started saving for cublets, but now that I have enough for 9-10 cublets I’m having second thoughts. I thought that cublets would be amazing and fun but now I think they’re the sort of thing that I would use once or twice and then put away.

The reason of that is like this, imagine if you were a 4 year old and you did something to earn a cool toy so you do it again next week because you liked it, and then you ask your parents if they could get it for you and they do. Then every day after school you play with it but on the 2nd week you start to get bored with it. The reason of this is that when you earned the toy you played with it for a while and then you had to put it back, but when you have it every day at home it becomes less exciting. That’s my problem, cublets would be fun but would get old fast and then I would have spent all that money on something that I wouldn’t use so I’m thinking that I could use the money for something else.

I think I want to buy a game on steam called astroneer. The game is a sandbox game which means it’s a free world, create, explore and progress sort of game. It is based on you landing on an alien planet and making a  habitat there then going to other planets and collecting rear metals. If     I get this game I would still have a lot of money left over for other things.


6 thoughts on “My Money Dilemma

  1. Wow. Very proud of your thinking. Very grown up. Well done you for realising an important concept of life xx granny

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    1. Yes, things that you need are things that you need to survive like food, water, housing. Things that you want are things like lollies, toys, robots. But since I have the things I need I can spend my pocket money on things I want. Lucky me!


  2. That’s a very sensible decision! I’ve Kickstarted some super cool things that I’ve barely used … (No regrets about my ANOVA Sous vide though). I’m a big fan of steam games, but suggest you wait for the next sale and maybe check humble for their price too (they’ll give you a steam key). Haven’t tried Astroneer yet tho.


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