Closing the flood gates

Last Friday I went to get my first blockers (blockers are the thing that stop me from going through male puberty) and I was really pumped up because I was finally going to have all my stress flushed away and puberty with it! So me and mum took our bikes to the chemist and collected the medicine then we went to our GP.  We waited until it was our turn but when we gave the needle to our nurse and she followed the instructions but when she finished the set up the liquid inside squirted out . The injection was ruined and I couldn’t have it. They had to get another one in from Auckland.  I couldn’t have my blockers until Monday.

I felt devastated.

    On Monday  we did the same process, going to pick up the medicine, going back to the GP, waiting for it to be our turn, but this time the set up was sucessful.  The nurse asked me to bend over and she mixed the injection and jabbed it in!  It lasted about a minute and it hurt like @*%$ but it was all worth it.  It was a bit difficult to sit down on things afterwards (the injection was in my butt).

Now I feel really happy and all the stress is gone. I sleep better and I just feel a whole lot happier. 


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