Yesterday I had an innovative day

First we made sticker circuits I was given a kit of them from a friend they use copper tape and L.E.D lights to make cool circuits that can go on walls and felt.

File_000 (27)

Second Mum and I made Neapolitan biscuits the flavors were chocolate, (brown) caramel (pink)  and vanilla (yellow). They’re a bit crumbly so we might add more liquid next time

File_001 (15)     

and last but definitely not the least is my R-2 D-2 droid made out of the Lego Mindstorms droid developer kit, it has 7 programs and is really cute it took me 3 and a half hours non stop to make it and it was all worth every second.  I bought the kit from Trade Me with money I saved up and I’m going to try and find some more.File_000 (26)

One thing that everyone has to learn before you start innovating is that you need to have the basic skills to do something. If you make a cake once and then look in the pantry for ingredients to make your own thing, get what you think will be good then mix it all together and bung it in the oven, it will be a inevitably be a disaster.  But if you had learnt about rising agents and emulsifiers and how everything that you add will change the end result, you will probably succeed. I learnt all that yesterday after a bad circuit experience. 

So in summary I’ve discovered that persistence and knowledge are virtues and without them you will not do well.    


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