The styles of learning

As you know I’ve been home-schooled since late last year, the style we used then was normal school at home so curriculum math, topic, reading and writing.

Maybe a month later we decided to try an style called un-schooling were we go down town and do something there and go off that. Math is growing plants in the back yard, reading is aloud, writing is blogging (which we already did) and we just get anything interesting for topic.

Now we’re about to try a new style where it’s a blend of both we still have curriculum math but we have blogging for writing and reading is aloud, topics are specific. We still go down town and some times go to the park. everything is great.

Style 1 for me was too structured and sort of felt like every day was just going to go on forever.

Style 2 was amazing for most of the time but at the end of the term I  just felt grumpy.

I hope number 3 is better or this Goldilocks won’t find her porridge.



One thought on “The styles of learning

  1. Does your teacher get grumpy also ? It’s great that learning can be a fun thing but sometimes it’s just hard work. That also is valuable.


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