Filters are magic

Yesterday I made a filter using one of my homework books, it can’t make good drinking water but it’s still cleaner then it was on the top.  Here are some photos for reference.

before                                                                                                   afterFile_000 (28)

File_001 (16)


The way it works is muddy water goes on the top then goes through several layers. First it goes down past a layer of large pebbles to remove the largest particles, then it goes through a layer of medium and small gravel to trap the smaller particles, it hits the sand layer next were many tiny organisms get caught, charcoal comes next and removes contaminates from the water and finally the water goes into cotton balls the remove the smallest particles then squeezes the liquid out.   


2 thoughts on “Filters are magic

    1. Sound filters work a bit like a junction in a tube where one tube splits into multiple tubes.
      You speak into a microphone and certain noises get filtered out of the recording. If I yelled hi!!! in a speaker with talking in the background I could use the filter to get rid of those background sounds.
      There are physical filters where cloth filters out certain pitches and there are also computer generated filters that edit out background noises.
      With my water filter the water is like the main recording. The dirt and grit are the background noise. The filter traps the “background noise” and only leaves the water.


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