physics and strength

I’m currently learning about angles and today when I went to look parts of the house and measure their angles. When I was doing that I hit a learning road block, all the parts were 90 degree angles! Mum and I did some research and came up with the information that triangles and 90 degree angles are the strongest construction shapes then I came up with a theory and this is it.File_000 (29).jpeg

  1. The empty box with the arrows is a normal square if it was put in a building all the pressure will collapse the shape  hence the arrows. The box at the top is a square with triangles inside and a cylinder in the middle, the triangles are distributing the pressure into and around the shape. The cylinder is a strong shape so most of the pressure is held in it.
  2. the column on the left has square pillars and the top is slightly going over the left side, the extra pressure will crack the pillar closest to it and it will fall and hit the other pillar which in turn will fall. The second column has cylindrical pillars so the pressure from the top will be completely spread around the pillar there for no collapse. The reason for this is because a square pillar has weak points the corners are the strongest part and the flat part is the weakest but with a cylindrical pillar there are no weak and strong spots.
  3. Most houses the walls and roofs are held up by crosses or triangles, even round houses like yurts use triangle or diamond frames.

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