A while ago I made Neapolitan biscuits and they turned out not as well as we hoped so today Mum and I thought we could try doing meringues with chocolate chips and sprinkles. Our first attempt was too sloppy so we made another batch that worked well. We originally wanted to dye it but that wasn’t a good plan because it would make it too sloppy again so we just went with the chocolate. The chocolate was a really good idea it has a nice tang to the sweet egg and sugar.

Here is a photo.

File_000 (30)

All the mixture was beaten by old fashion egg beater and spoons because it was an old recipe so it did take longer than it would have if we used the electric tools but it felt better to use the old things.   

Next time we bake we’ll be trying a baked Alaska.




One thought on “Meringues

  1. Mindy it’s all in the beating. The mire beating the better and absolutely no yolk. A couple of drops of colour shouldn’t make it sloppy. The powdered colouring should work well. Let us know when the baked Alaska is on the menu. 😜 granny

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