Mindstorms EV3

This week we were given our homeschooling money from the government and Dad bought me Mindstorms EV3 for coding and I’ve already made two robots.

The first one EV3RSTORM                                                                                            then SPIK3R

                                                                                                                                          File_000 (33)

File_003 (12) 

EV3RSTORM is the leader, it’s an upright robot and is actually quite unstable, its gun has no aim and is very difficult to code successfully. SPIK3R is the most functional. It has the best aim, the movement is really sleek, the claw is quite strong and you can code the brick really well so over all it’s the best.

I find the block code to program the robots really weird and confusing so I’ve got to learn how it works fully. I have only used the pre-made programs and am hoping when I understand it more I can make my own.

The pre-made programs for all the robots are designed to make them aggressive towards a miniature robot that you build.  When I get better at programming I will program them to be less aggressive and maybe play with each other.  I think they probably made them chase/hunt robots because that would appeal to a lot of children but I prefer kind ones and not trying to blow each other up robots.

Personally I think that the EV3 Mindstorms are really cool and are quite entertaining so I will build more.


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