My Alien

Yesterday I made an alien creature then today I made a clay replica, the description and the creature were all made by me but Mum helped edit the text.


My Alien

Body: Four sets of two legs with webbed feet (two sets on each side) gives this creature eight legs. It uses its legs as a octoped but can grasp with the first row of the first set.  The body itself is a dark navy blue so it can absorb as much heat as possible in winter and so it blends in with its surroundings.  It has a neon yellow fin on its back to warn predators that it’s poisonous it is also used to navigate in water.  The flesh of the creature is covered with thick kyton and can only be broken open with a sharp tip with the strength equivalency of diamond.


Head : The eyes are in a pit in the skull of the creature. The eye itself is on a long pseudopod that is very delicate so it needs to be able to easily retract into the the kyton protected head if in danger. The mouth is a gaping crevasse on the tip of the muzzle it is lined with razor sharp teeth and is strong enough to eat an entire python whole.  The ears are just tiny little indents on the side of its head but they can hear 20X better than any human.  The nose is another story, the nostrils are quite large and are located on the top and bottom of the head but again have 10X better smell than an average human person.


Food: The creature is mostly an eater of microscopic organisms such as plankton but every few years it will kill something the size of a dolphin that will last the long hot summers by being frozen by a liquid that the creature produces to keep it fresh.


Social groups: The creature lives in large swarms with up to 200 individuals.  Every few years each swarm goes out and hunts.  They hunt in their own separate territories. Each individual  during the hunt captures at least one shark/dolphin or small whale sized creature.  Once the hunt is over the swarm goes into their underground hive and stores their catch in labelled cells similar to the ones found in a bumble bee nest.  The reason the swarm only needs to go hunting every few years is because later the new hive is sustained by the bodies of the old hive.


During the summer the cells get filled by a freezing liquid produced by the creature to keep it good.  These stores are used as food in summer because the plankton dies over summer and the outside water temperature also becomes too hot for the creatures to leave the hive. Certain diodes in the wall of the hive contain the small females of this creature. They release a smaller amount of the cooling liquid into the hive so the males do not overheat as summers are very hot.


When it fades to Autumn the creatures leave the hive and go looking for plankton.  This keeps them sustained enough to work for the day.  The hive itself expands until it  gets up to 5km long by 5km wide.  Surplus plankton is stored in empty cells.  Eventually when the hive reaches its maximum size they stop expanding.


Small eggs are laid into the plankton stores and once the eggs hatch the babies eat the plankton and mature.  Males die once they have laid eggs.  The females come out of the diodes to look after the babies until they are mature then they die off.  The now mature babies store the bodies of their parents in cells for later consumption.


8 thoughts on “My Alien

  1. They look awesome! And they sound terrifying! Eating whale sized prey? Hive growing to 5km long? Eating the bodies of their dead? YIKES! That’s brilliant science fiction world building. Well done.

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    1. They’re sort of a bitser species, half alien half bee. As for the cells they’re made out of stone mostly and sealed with a gunk that makes the cell airtight. The size of the cells can be from 4×4 M to 7×7 M.


  2. I’m loving the level of detail and thought that has gone into this creation. It would be interesting to know if they have a hive mind, or if they are a set of cohabiting individuals. It’s quite a complex ‘society’ that they live in. Awesome work Mindy… :).

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  3. This creature sounds awesome – truly terrifying! I liked reading it’s seasonal cycles, and the parent eating 😃
    That freezing liquid they produce sounds fascinating, so many potential uses! I would love to study it. How might that be collected at a humanoid encounter?

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