Last week we got a kitten called Molly the way we got her was actually not intended. here’s how.

Last week we went to the pet shop after getting bean bags from Briscoes just to check out some cute animals, and when we got there we went straight to the enclosures. The very first animal we saw was Molly! She is a Ragdoll Burmese cross and has the bluest  eyes I’d ever seen. Of course we looked at others as well, but Molly stood out the most for me. The parents asked the nearest shop person to open up the enclosure she was in, the person said yes and brought her out. At this spot I’m just going to say that even though I’m allergic to cats Molly doesn’t seem to trigger me.  After she was out all got to pat her and play with her and after a bit we decided to take her home.

Molly wasn’t her original name, I got to name her. Technically Molly is my cat like our other cat is my brothers. At the check out I a weird tingling feeling like a hole had just been filled and something big was about to happen. When we got home we set up the gear they gave us (we got Molly with a pack of stuff we need)  

Now about a week later Molly is happy, I’m happy and I feel a whole lot more relaxed. Having a cat that doesn’t trigger my allergies is a definite benefit and I hope it stays like that!   When Molly sits on my lap and I stroke her she purrs like a chainsaw. Its so loud you can hear it from the kitchen. When shes tired she curls into a tiny ball, yawns and does an adorable little meow and goes to sleep. I’m very happy we got her and I’m sure it’ll stay like that 🙂   

File_000 (40)

File_002 (17)

File_001 (22)


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