My top five board games

As you may know my family and I love board games and we have quite the collection so today I’ll be showing you some of our favorites.

NO.5  Ticket to Ride:

Ticket to Ride is a train based achievement game. The goal is to make train routes to earn points, the person who has the most points when one player is out of trains wins.

At the start you are given five cards and three routes to choose from, you can have as many of those three routes as you want as long as you have at least one. You can only make routes when the train cards you are given are matching.  For example if you have six pink train cards in your hand you can play them to fill six-one segments that are pink.


I really enjoy placing down the trains and building routes. Sometimes I just want to build train routes without even playing the game.

NO.4 Settlers of Catan

Settlers is a resource gathering strategy game where the goal is to reach 10 victory points (VP) and win.

 Each building you place gives you points, a settlement gives you one, a city gives two, longest road gives two and largest army gives two.

You start by placing two settlements and two roads, the settlement has to be connected to at least two roads so strategic placement is key.  When you roll the dice you collect resources based on the tiles you have buildings on.  You can only collect resources if the number rolled is the same as the number on your tile.  

Things I really like about this game are that this is a long game, I can build things with the pieces and I like how strategic it is.

File_001 (24)


NO.3 King of Tokyo

This game is an interesting one, it’s a dice/card/board game.  The goal is either kill every one or get to twenty VP.  In King of Tokyo you’re a monster battling to see who is the King of Tokyo.  It is 2-6 player and takes around half an hour.  On the first turn the person who’s going first rolls 6 dice. On each dice there is a chance to get a 1, 2, 3 heart (heal), a claw (smash) or an energy.  You can roll the dice 3 x selecting which dice you want to keep.  At the end of the first turn you collect your victory points/energy earned and enter Tokyo.

On the next players turn when they roll a smash they deal a point of damage for each smash die rolled and kept.  They person in Tokyo can withdraw and let the other person go in or stay.  Since you can’t heal in Tokyo you might wonder why you’d stay there, the reason is if you hop into Tokyo you get 1 victory point.  If you start a turn still in Tokyo you get 2 victory points.  This strategy is useful in 2 player games because there are less players to damage you.

When you’re playing three player a good strategy if someone has low health and attacks you is to withdraw and force them into Tokyo where they can’t heal.

King of Tokyo is a particularly good game because it’s fast, easy to play and funny even if you lose.

File_000 (42)

NO. 2  Tokaido

Tokaido is a relaxing 2-5 player game. It’s set in ancient Japan and the goal is to reach the end of the road with the most points.  The way you earn points is by collecting paintings, buying souvenirs, donating money to temples and eating at Inns (there are other ways to collect points as well that come from expansion sets).

Tokaido when you play it you feel more relaxed, you don’t really feel that competitive. Sometimes you play it just to collect paintings or souvenirs.  It’s a universal game that’s why I like it so much.

File_003 (14)

NO. 1. Munchkin

Munchkin is a stupendously competitive but fun game.  The goal is to collect gear to level up how damage you do, to kill monsters and to stab your team mates in the back for loot.

Every turn you have to kick down a door. This means you’ll be confronted with a random curse or monster.  As long as you have a level higher than them you can defeat the monster and earn the loot.  The loot card can give you gear, races, classes and weapons. If you don’t have enough attack damage to kill a monster you can ask for help from another player but you have to give them an agreed amount of loot.  If you can’t defeat it you can roll the run away dice. Some monsters block this dice.

The reason I love this game so much is because it’s brutal, you know it’s going to be brutal and it’s fun to collect treasure and hoard it for yourself!

File_002 (19)


One thought on “My top five board games

  1. Delete if a duplicate, but I didn’t get a ‘your comment is pending moderation’ from this post so I copy pasted it just in case… and now I’m reposting

    I’ve played all of these! We don’t own King of Tokyo tho. I liked it, just a simple push your luck game. (I also like Zombie Dice (??) for the same reason).

    I’m quite good at Settlers, win more often than I lose, but it means everyone picks on me because they know I do well often… so we don’t play it much anymore. We’ve played hundreds (literally hundreds ) of games of Dominion and its expansions – have you tried that? I also very much like Lego Creationary but it’s only marginally a game (it’s out of print I think, but it’s basically a set of lego pieces including lots of ‘fancy’ bits, and a die with pictures on it, and a set of cards. Roll the die to see what thing on the card you’re required to make, then people try to guess what you’re trying to make) (You could easily play it with regular lego and any set of cards with objects on)

    SPEAKING OF CARDS WITH OBJECTS ON (or words on, rather), I just remembered my ABSOLUTE favourite game – Codenames. I haven’t tried the new ones, and it’s annoying because you need at least 4 people to play, and probably better with 6 – but it’s SO GOOD (for people who like words). It’s also great for parties because people can come and go from the different teams – just sit in for one round if they like, or even just for one clue at a time + then wander off, as long as you have at least 4 people at any one time. Well, and as long as winning isn’t the point. I really enjoy trying to come up with creative associations that my friends will guess. Again, you could play it with any set of cards with words on, but I think they tried pretty hard to put a lot of words in with multiple meanings and it’s not that expensive so I highly recommend it.

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