Tiny Terrariums

Today Mum came up with a great idea she said, “Why don’t we make terrariums with the tiny  glass test tubes we got a awhile back?” After that we ended up making two of them and using them as necklaces, here is how they’re made. First get a pack of mini test tubes like these.

File_000 (47)
 You can find them at nearly any craft store 

Next you use a salt spoon like this to scoop some dirt into the tube.

After that you add some mossFile_000 (50)

And a drop of water

File_000 (49)

Last of all put the cork on

File_000 (51).jpeg

If you want you can add string to make a necklace but we will leave that to you.

File_001 (27)

File_000 (46)


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