Last week I found a bike, she was the most beautiful bike I’d ever seen.  She was red with a leather seat, a package tie down, a bell, and a basket that you could take out of its holster.  She also had gears and last thing was her name was Lu-lu. I was allowed to give her a trial and she rode like a charm.

A few days later I showed Dad and Tom Lu-lu (the first time I was only with Mum) and they loved her. Another few days passed and Mum and I showed Grandma, I got to try her out again and it was better than ever! We also asked about a layby (where you pay for something over a period of time and during that period no one will be able to buy it.) The day after Mum and I put in my first deposit of $123.90 which is all my pocket money savings! I am going to get more money for my birthday and tiny terrarium selling though.

I’ll post a photo when I get her 🙂




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