Girls Rising

Today I read a book called Girls Rising by Tanya Lee Stone that was based on a documentary about girls who are forced out of their homes because of poverty. It has lots of stories about girls who have experienced these things.

One of these people was forced to marry at a young age and is in a camp for people who have to run away from their husbands. On the video she even had to use a fake name and a actor to play her because she was so scared that her husband would find her 😦   

Another girl was a kamlari another way to say a slave. She was forced to leave home and go to a different person and work non stop from four pm to midnight . She went through two more homes before she was freed.  The last one though was kind,they fed her, they clothed her and even got her a mentor. After she was freed from being a kamlari she got enrolled in a school and progressed vigorously, she even wrote a song and sung it in front of thousands of people in New York. The song was about her parents making a mistake about having a daughter and about her hard labor and pain.

The reason this book spoke to me is because it’s about girls who have had tough lives and have pulled through them.  If you want to read the song, it’s in the book.  I recommend that you issue it from the library or buy it from a bookshop.  


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