What’s up in the tree?

Yesterday I went up the tree and took some photos of things I found interesting and there were quite a few. First was the different mosses and lichen, there were so many I need to put them in a slide show just to fit them! Here they are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The difference between moss and lichen is the fact that moss is a plant and lichen is fungi and algae working together in a symbiotic relationship!

The next thing on the list is the bees, OMG the bees, that day they were buzzing like there was no tomorrow, or yesterday actually but back to beesiness, the bees were all gathering nectar and pollen.  So there were basically entire flowers made of them but even so I was lucky to even look at one let alone take a photo but I managed it and here it is

File_000 (62) The last thing is kind of weird one, it’s a white moth, just a sleepy white moth, cute and surprisingly pretty.File_000 (63).jpeg

Mind you everyone knows the most pretty and interesting thing in that tree is me 🙂 🙂File_000 (64)


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