Case file: ultimum terminum phage 2.9 

Name: ultimum terminum phage 2.9

Geography: worldwide

Hosts: Most 5-18 Year old children

Symptoms: Boredom, Rattyness, Yawning, Agitation, Fidgeting and annoyed parents

Epidemic risks: High

Common Infection times: the last few weeks of the term

Cure: School Holidays/long weekends

(translate *end of term* with no capitals to Latin then Latin to English if you want to   know what it means)


This evil virus is incredibly infectious and only has one cure that is always getting closer but tantalizingly slowly. It has been known to drive many young kids insane with its drowsying effects, in fact I’m feeling a little tired myself but I’ve got to get this report handed in by tomorowwwwwwwwwwwwww………………….

Sorry, I fell asleep for a sec. Back to what I was talking about, this disease is highly regulated by schools and that’s why no- one except teachers and students get it, anyway I think its got me too so I’m going to end of my report here. I hope I get good marks! Bye.






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