My summer poem


The way the wind blows the leaves                                                                                                    The way the flowers are full of bees                                                                                                  The time your family comes together                                                                                                The time your school supplies finally wither                                                                                  All these things make it summer                                                                                                        and summer makes all things .. funner? more fun?                                                                        I think I’ll just go with better

That was the poem that won a competition for me and I’m really proud of it.

The competition was for the Wairarapa Times-Age where you had to write why the summer holidays are awesome, so I wrote a poem. Here is an image of the prizes I got.IMG_1752

After opening the prize I basically flopped on a couch and just sat for a bit. In reflection I may have gone into a type of mild shock, after that I gave everyone a hug and hopped on the computer.

I’m most looking forward to eating at McDs as a family and going swimming with everyone.

At the moment I’m still not even really registering it all but I’m slowly calming down!


I hope you liked this post  🙂 I’ll be uploading more when I start school again and they should be longer than this one.


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