Today was my first day of my second week of school, I’ve already made friends with basically everyone in the class (None I can name because of privacy) and learnt a lot of new things including squaring and how to scale objects down to a writable size.

My latest project is an autobiography about my family and I. It’s supposed to last all year    ( I might be posting it next year) but at the moment my favorite one is an imaginary island project that I’m doing with a friend where you design all the cool things including ecosystem, tectonic plates, industry, history etc.

The layout of the classroom is a bit like this:

The main space as you walk in has a large amount of storage on the wall and two distinct tables to the right.  There’s a smaller room off to the back with a smallish circular table and some music equipment.  To the right is the next room. The next room is primarily a teaching area, with cubbies to store our equipment, a small kitchen nook, a quiet reading corner, two whiteboards and more teaching equipment storage.

All-in-all school has been amazing and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!





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