Lu-Lu Pt.2

On Saturday I got Lu-Lu! Before I say more here are some pics!

File_001 (31)File_002 (22)File_003 (17)File_004 (13)

Here is a list of all the features she has:

  1. A brown paper package tie down on the back
  2. A proper kickstand
  3. Seven gears
  4. A detachable basket
  5. Full headlight reflectors
  6. Chrome mud guards
  7. Leather seat and handles
  8. An actual vintage style aluminum frame (its now generally carbon fiber and steel)
  9. A well made bell
  10. And last but not least she fits me perfekly (Darling Buds of May reference)

And now for a brief bit of bike history.

Some of the first bikes designed for woman had no cross bar and had the middle dipped to fit their dresses.Image result for womens bikes


Before bikes got peddles they were basically adult side ride on’s.

One of the first bikes with peddles was the penny farthing it got its name because the back wheel is small like a farthing and the front big like a penny.

Originally woman biking was considered unacceptable and some people still think so today, as echoed from this 2008 quote¬†“when woman ride bikes they are stimulating themselves if they want to stimulate themselves then they should get a man” I personally thing this is a big pile of cow poo.

If you want more history blogs, or have any suggests for what I might blog next (Cause I’m running out of ideas ūüė• ) ¬†just put them in the comments that would be appreciated, so until then I’ll talk with you next time.





The language of flowers

Back in the Victorian times flowers had major meanings, just sending someone a red chrysanthemum meant I love you, or sending aloe meant sorrow or grief. ¬†Even the way that flowers were arranged could change the whole meaning turning ‘ my heart beats for you’, into ‘you’re the most brutal person I’ve ever met!’ ¬†ūüė•

As the language progressed more and more flowers got meanings and that gave birth to more complicated messages even now the language of flowers can still be used and a good dictionary for it is here.

Here are some of the flowers we have and their meanings.

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(P.S sorry for the upload gaps its been a bit busy with tom leaving to Iceland and all ūüė• ).



Girls Rising

Today I read a book called Girls Rising by Tanya Lee Stone that was based on a documentary about girls who are forced out of their homes because of poverty. It has lots of stories about girls who have experienced these things.

One of these people was forced to marry at a young age and is in a camp for people who have to run away from their husbands. On the video she even had to use a fake name and a actor to play her because she was so scared that her husband would find her ūüė¶ ¬†¬†

Another girl was a kamlari another way to say a slave. She was forced to leave home and go to a different person and work non stop from four pm to midnight . She went through two more homes before she was freed.  The last one though was kind,they fed her, they clothed her and even got her a mentor. After she was freed from being a kamlari she got enrolled in a school and progressed vigorously, she even wrote a song and sung it in front of thousands of people in New York. The song was about her parents making a mistake about having a daughter and about her hard labor and pain.

The reason this book spoke to me is because it’s about girls who have had tough lives and have pulled through them. ¬†If you want to read the song, it’s in the book. ¬†I recommend that you issue it from the library or buy it from a bookshop. ¬†


Last week I found a bike, she was the most beautiful bike I’d ever seen. ¬†She was red with a leather seat, a package tie down, a bell, and a basket that you could take out of its holster. ¬†She also had gears and last thing was her name was Lu-lu. I was allowed to give her a trial and she rode like a charm.

A few days later I showed Dad and Tom Lu-lu (the first time I was only with Mum) and they loved her. Another few days passed and Mum and I showed Grandma, I got to try her out again and it was better than ever! We also asked about a layby (where you pay for something over a period of time and during that period no one will be able to buy it.) The day after Mum and I put in my first deposit of $123.90 which is all my pocket money savings! I am going to get more money for my birthday and tiny terrarium selling though.

I’ll post a photo when I get her ūüôā



Tiny Terrariums

Today Mum came up with a great idea she said, “Why don’t we make terrariums with the tiny ¬†glass test tubes we got a awhile back?” After that we ended up making two of them and using them as necklaces, here is how they’re made. First get a pack of mini test tubes like these.

File_000 (47)
 You can find them at nearly any craft store 

Next you use a salt spoon like this to scoop some dirt into the tube.

After that you add some mossFile_000 (50)

And a drop of water

File_000 (49)

Last of all put the cork on

File_000 (51).jpeg

If you want you can add string to make a necklace but we will leave that to you.

File_001 (27)

File_000 (46)

Top 5 computer games

Today I’ll be showing you my top five computer games maybe you could try them out too!

NO.5 a Story About my Uncle

This game is a parkor adventure game. ¬†In it you are a boy whose uncle went on a trip and didn’t come back. ¬†You go to his house and you find an adventure suit made to fit you, you put it on and walk up to his lab then you hop on the trash disposal launcher and the adventure begins. The suit has a grapple device that you use to get around but at first you can only use the super jump and leap functions.

The reason I love this game is because when I played it the mechanics were amazing, the graphics were a bit clunky but it was still really fun. When you win and find your uncle I always cry ūüė¶¬†

NO.4 Astroneer

Astroneer is basically minecraft in space except it’s not made of blocks and if you’re not¬†tethered you will run out of air. The world is not infinite it’s round so you can leave your hab in one direction and come back on the opposite end!

The thing I like about the game is that its really smooth and has some nice differences to most survival games, like the fact that you can travel to other planets in the solar system and to your moon.  Or that you can find destroyed/crashed historical space craft or random research orbs that you can open to discover more things.

NO.3 the Turing Test

The Turing test is a puzzle game a bit like Portal or the Talos principle. ¬†The story is you are a girl called Ava Turing you’re on a space station manned by robots called t,o,m orbiting one of Jupiter’s moons. ¬†The human crew on the colony there has stopped communicating with the station so you were sent down to investigate, when you arrive you discover the layout of the colony has been completely changed from a lab to a giant group of test chambers. ¬†You go through them and eventually discover that the robots are evil and have trapped the crew, the ending is you having to choose whether to kill the crew and leave or escape with the crew and destroy the robot.

The things that I like about the Turing test is the story line that’s very different to all the other test chamber games and the way you complete the puzzles is very unique.


Abzu is one of the most beautiful games I’ve played since the Talos Principle. ¬†The basic goal of the game is to save the ocean from an evil scientific/magical force that is trying to destroy all the animals in the ocean. ¬†

The main person (you) is a diver, as you go through the world you discover lots of new plants and eventually save everything.  At the very end your character discovers that they are a robot made by the people you were trying to stop.  

The cool thing about it is at the beginning there is no tutorial segment it just tells you what to do as you go along. ¬†You don’t have to click into a special area to learn. ¬†I have no regrets about buying this game, it’s just really amazing. ¬†The graphics are fantastic and the fact that it’s X-box controller compatible makes it even better.¬†


NO.1  Minecraft

Minecraft is my obvious choice. ¬†It’s a sandbox free roam game were you literally mine craft and create! There are five game modes; survival, creative, spectator, adventure and hardcore. ¬†All of these do different things, the main modes though are survival and creative. ¬†Survival is the main game mode where you get hungry, you can die and you have to collect all your resources with tools. Creative mode is the exact opposite you can’t die, you get all your stuff from the creative inventory and you break blocks instantly. ¬†This is by far the most diverse game I’ve ever played and it probably will stay that way.¬†