A while ago I made Neapolitan biscuits and they turned out not as well as we hoped so today Mum and I thought we could try doing meringues with chocolate chips and sprinkles. Our first attempt was too sloppy so we made another batch that worked well. We originally wanted to dye it but that wasn’t a good plan because it would make it too sloppy again so we just went with the chocolate. The chocolate was a really good idea it has a nice tang to the sweet egg and sugar.

Here is a photo.

File_000 (30)

All the mixture was beaten by old fashion egg beater and spoons because it was an old recipe so it did take longer than it would have if we used the electric tools but it felt better to use the old things.   

Next time we bake we’ll be trying a baked Alaska.



Trampoline blues

Last week on around Saturday I got a pulled muscle and couldn’t bounce on our trampoline, only today I nearly cried because of how much I missed it the feel. Anyway for the 9 days I tried to bounce but it hurt too much.  The injury was in the most unfortunate place, in the muscle on the lower back so the pain was substantial when I tried to bounce.  So when I discovered that I could bounce today it was like a breath of fresh air after being locked in a tin can for 5 years (I know its exaggerating but that’s how relieved I felt) tomorrow I will be on it 24 7.      

Weekend lollies

In our house we have a tradition called weekend lollies it is just as it sounds, every weekend we go to the new world just down town and are given $4 to buy what ever we want within reason. I always do extreme budgeting to get more bang for my buck.  Last Saturday I got a big share bag of  Doritos and a flake both on special I only finished them today!

Weekend lollies are a good tradition because it helps me learn about budgeting, I never have to nag Mum and Dad for sweets, if I don’t want anything the money can go into savings and any excess money goes toward next weekends amount.   

physics and strength

I’m currently learning about angles and today when I went to look parts of the house and measure their angles. When I was doing that I hit a learning road block, all the parts were 90 degree angles! Mum and I did some research and came up with the information that triangles and 90 degree angles are the strongest construction shapes then I came up with a theory and this is it.File_000 (29).jpeg

  1. The empty box with the arrows is a normal square if it was put in a building all the pressure will collapse the shape  hence the arrows. The box at the top is a square with triangles inside and a cylinder in the middle, the triangles are distributing the pressure into and around the shape. The cylinder is a strong shape so most of the pressure is held in it.
  2. the column on the left has square pillars and the top is slightly going over the left side, the extra pressure will crack the pillar closest to it and it will fall and hit the other pillar which in turn will fall. The second column has cylindrical pillars so the pressure from the top will be completely spread around the pillar there for no collapse. The reason for this is because a square pillar has weak points the corners are the strongest part and the flat part is the weakest but with a cylindrical pillar there are no weak and strong spots.
  3. Most houses the walls and roofs are held up by crosses or triangles, even round houses like yurts use triangle or diamond frames.

Filters are magic

Yesterday I made a filter using one of my homework books, it can’t make good drinking water but it’s still cleaner then it was on the top.  Here are some photos for reference.

before                                                                                                   afterFile_000 (28)

File_001 (16)


The way it works is muddy water goes on the top then goes through several layers. First it goes down past a layer of large pebbles to remove the largest particles, then it goes through a layer of medium and small gravel to trap the smaller particles, it hits the sand layer next were many tiny organisms get caught, charcoal comes next and removes contaminates from the water and finally the water goes into cotton balls the remove the smallest particles then squeezes the liquid out.   

The styles of learning

As you know I’ve been home-schooled since late last year, the style we used then was normal school at home so curriculum math, topic, reading and writing.

Maybe a month later we decided to try an style called un-schooling were we go down town and do something there and go off that. Math is growing plants in the back yard, reading is aloud, writing is blogging (which we already did) and we just get anything interesting for topic.

Now we’re about to try a new style where it’s a blend of both we still have curriculum math but we have blogging for writing and reading is aloud, topics are specific. We still go down town and some times go to the park. everything is great.

Style 1 for me was too structured and sort of felt like every day was just going to go on forever.

Style 2 was amazing for most of the time but at the end of the term I  just felt grumpy.

I hope number 3 is better or this Goldilocks won’t find her porridge.



Tomorrow the Easter holidays are starting. On the first Monday to Wednesday it won’t feel like it though, I’ve got two holiday programs each day. First I’ve got an art program from 10 till 2, then a stop motion Lego program at the library from 3 till 4 and a 3 till 5 day as well. Also tomorrow night Mum, Dad, Tom and I will watch Moana with pink wafers and lots of chippies. Of course Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is a must watch and Power Rangers looks epic! We will inevitably be going to stay at Grandmas house for 2-3 nights which will be fun like it all ways has been!

I hope you guys will have a Easter as great as mine.