My top five board games

As you may know my family and I love board games and we have quite the collection so today I’ll be showing you some of our favorites.

NO.5  Ticket to Ride:

Ticket to Ride is a train based achievement game. The goal is to make train routes to earn points, the person who has the most points when one player is out of trains wins.

At the start you are given five cards and three routes to choose from, you can have as many of those three routes as you want as long as you have at least one. You can only make routes when the train cards you are given are matching.  For example if you have six pink train cards in your hand you can play them to fill six-one segments that are pink.


I really enjoy placing down the trains and building routes. Sometimes I just want to build train routes without even playing the game.

NO.4 Settlers of Catan

Settlers is a resource gathering strategy game where the goal is to reach 10 victory points (VP) and win.

 Each building you place gives you points, a settlement gives you one, a city gives two, longest road gives two and largest army gives two.

You start by placing two settlements and two roads, the settlement has to be connected to at least two roads so strategic placement is key.  When you roll the dice you collect resources based on the tiles you have buildings on.  You can only collect resources if the number rolled is the same as the number on your tile.  

Things I really like about this game are that this is a long game, I can build things with the pieces and I like how strategic it is.

File_001 (24)


NO.3 King of Tokyo

This game is an interesting one, it’s a dice/card/board game.  The goal is either kill every one or get to twenty VP.  In King of Tokyo you’re a monster battling to see who is the King of Tokyo.  It is 2-6 player and takes around half an hour.  On the first turn the person who’s going first rolls 6 dice. On each dice there is a chance to get a 1, 2, 3 heart (heal), a claw (smash) or an energy.  You can roll the dice 3 x selecting which dice you want to keep.  At the end of the first turn you collect your victory points/energy earned and enter Tokyo.

On the next players turn when they roll a smash they deal a point of damage for each smash die rolled and kept.  They person in Tokyo can withdraw and let the other person go in or stay.  Since you can’t heal in Tokyo you might wonder why you’d stay there, the reason is if you hop into Tokyo you get 1 victory point.  If you start a turn still in Tokyo you get 2 victory points.  This strategy is useful in 2 player games because there are less players to damage you.

When you’re playing three player a good strategy if someone has low health and attacks you is to withdraw and force them into Tokyo where they can’t heal.

King of Tokyo is a particularly good game because it’s fast, easy to play and funny even if you lose.

File_000 (42)

NO. 2  Tokaido

Tokaido is a relaxing 2-5 player game. It’s set in ancient Japan and the goal is to reach the end of the road with the most points.  The way you earn points is by collecting paintings, buying souvenirs, donating money to temples and eating at Inns (there are other ways to collect points as well that come from expansion sets).

Tokaido when you play it you feel more relaxed, you don’t really feel that competitive. Sometimes you play it just to collect paintings or souvenirs.  It’s a universal game that’s why I like it so much.

File_003 (14)

NO. 1. Munchkin

Munchkin is a stupendously competitive but fun game.  The goal is to collect gear to level up how damage you do, to kill monsters and to stab your team mates in the back for loot.

Every turn you have to kick down a door. This means you’ll be confronted with a random curse or monster.  As long as you have a level higher than them you can defeat the monster and earn the loot.  The loot card can give you gear, races, classes and weapons. If you don’t have enough attack damage to kill a monster you can ask for help from another player but you have to give them an agreed amount of loot.  If you can’t defeat it you can roll the run away dice. Some monsters block this dice.

The reason I love this game so much is because it’s brutal, you know it’s going to be brutal and it’s fun to collect treasure and hoard it for yourself!

File_002 (19)


Last week we got a kitten called Molly the way we got her was actually not intended. here’s how.

Last week we went to the pet shop after getting bean bags from Briscoes just to check out some cute animals, and when we got there we went straight to the enclosures. The very first animal we saw was Molly! She is a Ragdoll Burmese cross and has the bluest  eyes I’d ever seen. Of course we looked at others as well, but Molly stood out the most for me. The parents asked the nearest shop person to open up the enclosure she was in, the person said yes and brought her out. At this spot I’m just going to say that even though I’m allergic to cats Molly doesn’t seem to trigger me.  After she was out all got to pat her and play with her and after a bit we decided to take her home.

Molly wasn’t her original name, I got to name her. Technically Molly is my cat like our other cat is my brothers. At the check out I a weird tingling feeling like a hole had just been filled and something big was about to happen. When we got home we set up the gear they gave us (we got Molly with a pack of stuff we need)  

Now about a week later Molly is happy, I’m happy and I feel a whole lot more relaxed. Having a cat that doesn’t trigger my allergies is a definite benefit and I hope it stays like that!   When Molly sits on my lap and I stroke her she purrs like a chainsaw. Its so loud you can hear it from the kitchen. When shes tired she curls into a tiny ball, yawns and does an adorable little meow and goes to sleep. I’m very happy we got her and I’m sure it’ll stay like that 🙂   

File_000 (40)

File_002 (17)

File_001 (22)

Fidget Toys

Today I made two fidget toys and they are all made out of things I found around the house and garage. The first one is made like a necklace and can be used as one.

File_000 (39) 

The other one is a hand-held one that had digits you can press and a dent for your thumb to do circles in.  

The funny thing is I’m using this one right now ^. Another cool thing is the gold fidget is made just out of a lock mechanism and Du-kit TM and the necklace is made from a rubber band, a chain, a nut and a key ring.  

My Alien

Yesterday I made an alien creature then today I made a clay replica, the description and the creature were all made by me but Mum helped edit the text.


My Alien

Body: Four sets of two legs with webbed feet (two sets on each side) gives this creature eight legs. It uses its legs as a octoped but can grasp with the first row of the first set.  The body itself is a dark navy blue so it can absorb as much heat as possible in winter and so it blends in with its surroundings.  It has a neon yellow fin on its back to warn predators that it’s poisonous it is also used to navigate in water.  The flesh of the creature is covered with thick kyton and can only be broken open with a sharp tip with the strength equivalency of diamond.


Head : The eyes are in a pit in the skull of the creature. The eye itself is on a long pseudopod that is very delicate so it needs to be able to easily retract into the the kyton protected head if in danger. The mouth is a gaping crevasse on the tip of the muzzle it is lined with razor sharp teeth and is strong enough to eat an entire python whole.  The ears are just tiny little indents on the side of its head but they can hear 20X better than any human.  The nose is another story, the nostrils are quite large and are located on the top and bottom of the head but again have 10X better smell than an average human person.


Food: The creature is mostly an eater of microscopic organisms such as plankton but every few years it will kill something the size of a dolphin that will last the long hot summers by being frozen by a liquid that the creature produces to keep it fresh.


Social groups: The creature lives in large swarms with up to 200 individuals.  Every few years each swarm goes out and hunts.  They hunt in their own separate territories. Each individual  during the hunt captures at least one shark/dolphin or small whale sized creature.  Once the hunt is over the swarm goes into their underground hive and stores their catch in labelled cells similar to the ones found in a bumble bee nest.  The reason the swarm only needs to go hunting every few years is because later the new hive is sustained by the bodies of the old hive.


During the summer the cells get filled by a freezing liquid produced by the creature to keep it good.  These stores are used as food in summer because the plankton dies over summer and the outside water temperature also becomes too hot for the creatures to leave the hive. Certain diodes in the wall of the hive contain the small females of this creature. They release a smaller amount of the cooling liquid into the hive so the males do not overheat as summers are very hot.


When it fades to Autumn the creatures leave the hive and go looking for plankton.  This keeps them sustained enough to work for the day.  The hive itself expands until it  gets up to 5km long by 5km wide.  Surplus plankton is stored in empty cells.  Eventually when the hive reaches its maximum size they stop expanding.


Small eggs are laid into the plankton stores and once the eggs hatch the babies eat the plankton and mature.  Males die once they have laid eggs.  The females come out of the diodes to look after the babies until they are mature then they die off.  The now mature babies store the bodies of their parents in cells for later consumption.

Mindstorms EV3

This week we were given our homeschooling money from the government and Dad bought me Mindstorms EV3 for coding and I’ve already made two robots.

The first one EV3RSTORM                                                                                            then SPIK3R

                                                                                                                                          File_000 (33)

File_003 (12) 

EV3RSTORM is the leader, it’s an upright robot and is actually quite unstable, its gun has no aim and is very difficult to code successfully. SPIK3R is the most functional. It has the best aim, the movement is really sleek, the claw is quite strong and you can code the brick really well so over all it’s the best.

I find the block code to program the robots really weird and confusing so I’ve got to learn how it works fully. I have only used the pre-made programs and am hoping when I understand it more I can make my own.

The pre-made programs for all the robots are designed to make them aggressive towards a miniature robot that you build.  When I get better at programming I will program them to be less aggressive and maybe play with each other.  I think they probably made them chase/hunt robots because that would appeal to a lot of children but I prefer kind ones and not trying to blow each other up robots.

Personally I think that the EV3 Mindstorms are really cool and are quite entertaining so I will build more.

Room Fort

Today Mum and I transformed my bedroom into a pillow fort, it has a hidden chest a drape above my bed and pillows on the ground like in this picture. File_000 (31) 


File_001 (18)
We did the drape by putting the first corners of a duvet cover on the edges of my shelves.
File_000 (32)
For one of the other edges we used picture hooks to hold it up.
File_002 (14)
The other side is held up by a bit of rope attached to another book shelf.

In summary it’s a cool fort.  It’s going to be up for a week or two and I’m looking forward to using it. 


A while ago I made Neapolitan biscuits and they turned out not as well as we hoped so today Mum and I thought we could try doing meringues with chocolate chips and sprinkles. Our first attempt was too sloppy so we made another batch that worked well. We originally wanted to dye it but that wasn’t a good plan because it would make it too sloppy again so we just went with the chocolate. The chocolate was a really good idea it has a nice tang to the sweet egg and sugar.

Here is a photo.

File_000 (30)

All the mixture was beaten by old fashion egg beater and spoons because it was an old recipe so it did take longer than it would have if we used the electric tools but it felt better to use the old things.   

Next time we bake we’ll be trying a baked Alaska.