As you may know I’ve been making terrariums to sell at Market and you may be pleased to know that I sold about 16 and made $90 (they were $5 dollars each but some people gave donations*)

*I’m selling them to fund my Japanese zen garden and after the garden I’m going to save for cublets (I like them again, Silly mind.)

The set up was pretty smooth until we realized that we forgot a chair! After doing about half of the stressful selling standing (#go alliteration) the parents offered to bring one down (they went home to leave me to selling). The next hour was filled with all sorts of things including a squishy bellied lizard, a shattered vase (From my neighbours stall) and a child trying to sell their shoes for $20. After those up and downs afternoon I packed up and to go home and relax with Mum and Dad.

The cool thing about this sale is afterwards I got invited to the Christmas market and got tons of seeds and bottles from Friends and family! At the next sale I’m going to sell big and medium ones as well as the tiny ones like last time.




What’s up in the tree?

Yesterday I went up the tree and took some photos of things I found interesting and there were quite a few. First was the different mosses and lichen, there were so many I need to put them in a slide show just to fit them! Here they are.

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The difference between moss and lichen is the fact that moss is a plant and lichen is fungi and algae working together in a symbiotic relationship!

The next thing on the list is the bees, OMG the bees, that day they were buzzing like there was no tomorrow, or yesterday actually but back to beesiness, the bees were all gathering nectar and pollen.  So there were basically entire flowers made of them but even so I was lucky to even look at one let alone take a photo but I managed it and here it is

File_000 (62) The last thing is kind of weird one, it’s a white moth, just a sleepy white moth, cute and surprisingly pretty.File_000 (63).jpeg

Mind you everyone knows the most pretty and interesting thing in that tree is me 🙂 🙂File_000 (64)


I was doing some reading and I came across a thing describing a substance called vantablack the worlds darkest black.  It’s so black that if you paint a room with it and shone a torch into the room it will not light up at all you would just see that the torch is on and nothing else will show. The material itself is not a paint it is made out of carbon nano tubes that are 0.2-5 nanometers long and 1-2 nanometers wide.  That’s about 3500 times smaller than a human hair and they’re all clustered together to make the blackest material on earth.  One of my favorite ways to describe it though is it looks like a hole in the universe.

I hope you liked that little bit of science I personally found it quite interesting, if you want more of these fact based blogs tell me in the comments, thank you for your support.

My big trip Pt.4 (non-fiction comedy)


The morning of the last full day dawned on me like an anvil to the face (I use this expression because ‘holy @!#% it was the last full day and the weathers looking like !%#@!’ )  ‘Ahem! please pardon my language’, as I was saying the morning was rainy as all anything and as we went to breakfast I could have sworn there was some thunder.

We all packed up and for the last time we head off to the city for a quest. The rain hit our heads and a frigging bus drives past as we hit the bus stop and soaks us even more ‘sigh’ and to top it all off we were on the wrong side of the park that’s behind the bus stop. When we reach the bus stop we wait for a while. The cool thing is that this bus slowed down so it didn’t splash us (we thanked the driver for this). (At this point you may be wondering about where we’re going and what we’re doing, the answer is were going shopping in Ponsonby with my birthday money), as I was saying we arrive at the shops and set up an order that we’re going to do things in (trade-aid, fairy shop, Millys, european toy shop (I know that sounds random but no I’m not joking). The trade-aid was first on the list and ohhhh mama it was fun, after a long time picking and choosing all my stuff I had a good haul here are the photos of the things I got.

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The next thing was the fairy shop, now this place is awesome and I got some adorable things

some of the dresses and wands there (did not get any though

and here they are.

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The last place were we buy anything with birthday $moolah$ is Millys (we didn’t buy anything from the toy shop) and what I found was totally epic it was a handle trigger flour sifter (this is significant because I’ve been searching for one for years) and ohh man it works well (I’ll put a photo at the end because there have been a lot in a row)

and now its down to the last afternoon stroll in Auckland where we get ice cream!!! I got chocolate cookie dough and caramel sundae (three scoops!!!) and it was chocolate dipped 20170829_152450

The most scary thing about that was I finished it in about ten minutes!

All in all the trip was amazing and I was actually sad to go home lol, but now sitting in our study chair and writing about this I think it was a good thing that we didnt stay and now to end it all the photo of my sifter 🙂

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My big trip pt.3

As the second to last full day in Auckland comes up with the sun we eat a hearty breakfast and yet again go down to the front entrance to head off on todays adventures but this time we are being picked up by Poppa and Granny Sue (see last blog)  because it’s way too far to walk to the zoo. In about 5 minutes we were saying goodbye and walking through the front gates. The zoo in Auckland is so big that when we entered we had to take a map that was scaled down by about 20 percent to fit on paper!

me on the gecko in the entrance yard thing

The first thing we saw were the giraffes and the zebra, they were the first ones I’ve seen for a long time and they were more beautiful than I remembered.20170829_102255

The next thing in line was the meerkats. The ones on watch looked as though they were going to raise the alarm as we went past but they very kindly kept quiet. Just before the next animal there was a tunnel that lead into the meerkat enclosure that you could go through and look out of domes and see them scramble over top of you. The cool thing about them is that they have quite a detailed society with tunnels, watch meerkats, guards and civilians!

guard meerkat

The next thing was a bit unfortunate… it was the baby tortoises, they were all bumbling around minding their own business except for one. That one was upside down flailing its legs around and not able to rock itself up because it was in a ditch, we could not get a photo though because the plants were in the way.  Luckily it was righted by a grounds keeper (a few people cheered when this happened (there was a crowed that had formed quite rapidly)

Here I will fast forward to the best part of the trip the giant Galapagos tortoise.  When we got to the enclosure I ran up to the glass and when I saw them I actually started to cry 😥 . The reason for this was because for years I’ve been watching them on documentaries and been reading about them so to actually see one was a truly amazing thing. It was one of the most memorable experiences in Auckland.

After all that we went to the play ground for a while and caught the bus back.

Here are the photos

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My big trip Pt2

The next day we head down for breakfast early like normal and then go the bus stop to catch the shark bus to Kelly Tarlton’s aquarium.20170828_095302

When we got there we waited for Poppa and Granny Sue to come (grand parents who were coming to see me for the big birthday holidays). When they arrived we entered. Mum noticed that there were two lines on the floor one marked pre-paid and the other wasn’t marked, we guessed that the lines were so big they needed separate areas to walk because there so busy. After checking in (Poppa and Granny Sue bought the tickets as a treat) we head inside. The cool thing about Kelly Tarlton’s is it’s underground so seeing waves crash against the high windows made me lose my equilibrium. Speaking of losing my sense of movement they had a tunnel where the walls were spinning and when you stepped into it you felt like you were the ones moving! Anyway here are some photos:

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After all that Poppa and Granny Sue drove us down to Devonport where she taught me how to swing properly (I am very happy about this especially because we have a swing at home). After all that adventure we head back to the hotel to rest!

My big trip Pt1

As you may know I’ve been in Auckland for the last week  (if you didn’t that is why there was a gap in my posts) and during that trip I have done a lot of things and here is the review on them.

Before I tell you about all the things in Auckland I must start you off at our home. We woke up on Saturday 26th of August at about six o-clock and started to get ready, even though it was super early we still had to rush. At about half past we were off, the trip between Carterton and Wellington is about an hour-long maybe one and a half so it was early morning when we arrived. As we sped across Wellington I thought about what we were going to do there and how we would get to them. In no time at all we were going past the airport to the rock pools behind it to pass the time, we even found one that looks like a painting.20170826_122153

After that we went to the long-term parking and caught the airport shuttle to the central terminal entrance, we dropped off our bags and headed off to our plane. We had to wait for about half an hour before we could actually board though 😥 . When we arrived in Auckland we got our bags and left for the sky bus which brought us to the top of Queen street (I’ll fast forward a bit here cause it’s just us walking very slowly to our hotel).  The Sofitel (our hotel) has two lions outside I called them Leo and Leona (le-O-na).

Leo on the day we left.

When went into the hotel we were greeted by the concierge (con-sea-air) and showed to our room. It was a bit larger than we expected, there was a breakfast bar at the entrance, (we weren’t allowed to use any of the food in it though), a couch, a wardrobe, a full bathroom and two beds (one was a super-king).  After a good bit of goggling we lay down on the beds and watched the rugby. The next morning was a busy one, at half past six we were having breakfast in the hotel cafe, lava dining (it came free with the room)

One of the lava dining walls

After that we headed of to Britomart station and caught the train to Manakau

mum and I on the train

and walked to Rainbows End.  I was so pumped because it was my birthday buuuuuut we were there an hour early 😥 (this is where we do some more fast forwarding because it’s just us siting our butts off for an hour).20170827_090625                    When it was finally time the entry was packed and everyone was super excited, so as the gates opened everyone ran in.  The first thing I did was go straight to the cork screw coaster Dad was the one to come on with me, it was so insane!!!!!!!!! The next thing was something I did by myself and I don’t want to mention it, but it was even more insane than the coaster.  After a lot of gut churning rides and go-cart crashes we turned in and went back to the hotel. When we got back we got cleaned up and headed down for high tea.

High tea was amazing and it looked like this IMG_20170827_142415 (1)


In the bottom section there was three ham and cheese croissant, six mushroom quiches, three egg on brown bread and three salmon on cucumber on pikelet things. The middle had six date scones and a pot of cream, and the top had three chocolate cakes, three macrons, three hazelnut cream puff things and three weird passion fruit jelly things with sponge on the bottom.

In summary it was the best birthday I’ve had in a long time.


Continued in part two