Today was my first day of my second week of school, I’ve already made friends with basically everyone in the class (None I can name because of privacy) and learnt a lot of new things including squaring and how to scale objects down to a writable size.

My latest project is an autobiography about my family and I. It’s supposed to last all year    ( I might be posting it next year) but at the moment my favorite one is an imaginary island project that I’m doing with a friend where you design all the cool things including ecosystem, tectonic plates, industry, history etc.

The layout of the classroom is a bit like this:

The main space as you walk in has a large amount of storage on the wall and two distinct tables to the right.  There’s a smaller room off to the back with a smallish circular table and some music equipment.  To the right is the next room. The next room is primarily a teaching area, with cubbies to store our equipment, a small kitchen nook, a quiet reading corner, two whiteboards and more teaching equipment storage.

All-in-all school has been amazing and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!





With my $50 voucher at the lolly jar I got all these!!!


Here is a list of most of the things I got

1.Russian fudge chocolate fish


4.Jersey caramels

5.sherbet lemons

6.Walkers original toffee packet x2

7.cola bottles

8.chocolate cola bottles (coke flavored chocolate)

9.Ultra sours challenge (coke & lemon) smallest jar)

10.licorice rolls

11.sherbet fountain (eaten)

I felt pure bliss after buying all of that just because I was happy.  All of the voucher wins made me feel good inside and now that I’ve spent some of them it makes me feel kind of relieved actually and I don’t know why I feel like that?





My summer poem


The way the wind blows the leaves                                                                                                    The way the flowers are full of bees                                                                                                  The time your family comes together                                                                                                The time your school supplies finally wither                                                                                  All these things make it summer                                                                                                        and summer makes all things .. funner? more fun?                                                                        I think I’ll just go with better

That was the poem that won a competition for me and I’m really proud of it.

The competition was for the Wairarapa Times-Age where you had to write why the summer holidays are awesome, so I wrote a poem. Here is an image of the prizes I got.IMG_1752

After opening the prize I basically flopped on a couch and just sat for a bit. In reflection I may have gone into a type of mild shock, after that I gave everyone a hug and hopped on the computer.

I’m most looking forward to eating at McDs as a family and going swimming with everyone.

At the moment I’m still not even really registering it all but I’m slowly calming down!


I hope you liked this post  🙂 I’ll be uploading more when I start school again and they should be longer than this one.


Christmas is coming up and mostly everyone is excited about it so I’ve made a short list on the main things I’m looking forward to.

  1. Family
  2. Food
  3. Christmas spirit
  4. Love
  5. Presents
  6. Everything holiday related
  7. Star wars: the last Jedi
  8. Porgs (also Star Wars)
  9. Lists!!!!!!
  10. Christmas sales


I hope you all have at least 5 of these things at your Christmas celebration/barbecue and  a lovely New year

(p.s I hope you like this lite / small blog it was quite fun to make 🙂 )



Merry Christmas!!!!



Case file: ultimum terminum phage 2.9 

Name: ultimum terminum phage 2.9

Geography: worldwide

Hosts: Most 5-18 Year old children

Symptoms: Boredom, Rattyness, Yawning, Agitation, Fidgeting and annoyed parents

Epidemic risks: High

Common Infection times: the last few weeks of the term

Cure: School Holidays/long weekends

(translate *end of term* with no capitals to Latin then Latin to English if you want to   know what it means)


This evil virus is incredibly infectious and only has one cure that is always getting closer but tantalizingly slowly. It has been known to drive many young kids insane with its drowsying effects, in fact I’m feeling a little tired myself but I’ve got to get this report handed in by tomorowwwwwwwwwwwwww………………….

Sorry, I fell asleep for a sec. Back to what I was talking about, this disease is highly regulated by schools and that’s why no- one except teachers and students get it, anyway I think its got me too so I’m going to end of my report here. I hope I get good marks! Bye.






Recently I’ve been trialing normal school and when I say normal school I actually mean Montessori.

Montessori is another way to describe home school with lots of other people. They have two classrooms senior and junior and both follow normal curriculum math but have a lot of other not-so-school-like things such as baking, gardening and even board games!

The people in the class are quite nice and I knew a couple too!! Their teachers are really awesome and kind as well. The playground area is massive if you count the field behind it, even if not it’s still pretty large.

After all this dramatic build up your probably wondering What this means? And here it is………………………………………………………………………………………… (zoom down)






The summary of Timekeeping

Over the history of earth time has been the one thing that bonds us, from the first human looked up at the stars to the atomic clocks that only lose or gain a second in 3 billion years, time has been both keeping us going and poisoning us. This blog post is a history of timekeeping and how it affects us.


Some of the first mechanisms use to measure time have been around since 2000 BC the first ones ever used were obelisks (giant pillars like the Washington monument but scaled down quite a bit) and water clocks ( a pot raised with a hole in it.)

an original Egyptian outflow clock (top) and a replica (bottom)

The way they both work is very basic. The obelisk is a giant sundial that tells the hour and season by its shadow and the outflow water-clock is a big pot with markings on the inside in very specific spots to tell how long meetings were going to take. These at the time were very revolutionary and sometimes obelisks were considered to be connected to the gods and had hieroglyphics on them telling tales of war and victory.


Over the next few years other countries started to develop new ways to keep track of time such as sundials and hour glasses.  These were used as timers and some of the first accurate clocks.

Now time to fast forward to the 15th century when after years and years of design and some trial and error the first mechanical clock was made using the verge escapement mechanism that later fueled the invention of the pendulum clock. The problem with the pengelum ocelator (the thing that makes the repetitive movement that a clock runs on) is that it doesn’t work at sea and the primary way to see how far you’ve gone and where you are on the earths circumference is a clock. Allow me to explain. The earths circumference is 360 degrees and there are 24 hours in a day which means if you travel 15 degrees along the circumference of the earth the difference between the time at port and the time on the ship is one hour. The way you can tell the differential in time is you set a clock to port time and sail away, when the sun is directly over head it’s noon or 1200, you check your clock and the difference of time will tell you how far you’ve traveled. (I’ll do a more detailed description in a more specialized blog.) Now I bet you’re wondering who made this clock that could work on water and the answer is John Harrison the inventor of the sea chronometer, let’s just say his life sucked, hard.


So this is my summary of the history of clocks.  If you want a part two covering the atomic clock, more detail on how to use clock to navigate the ocean and how time has affected us as a race please comment and give me your feedback 🙂

I used the following books and websites to learn about this topic:

The Terrible Truth about Time by Nick Arnold


Timekeeping: From the Sun to the atomic second lecture by Anne Curtis (You Tube)

The Time Book by Martin Jenkins



As you may know I’ve been making terrariums to sell at Market and you may be pleased to know that I sold about 16 and made $90 (they were $5 dollars each but some people gave donations*)

*I’m selling them to fund my Japanese zen garden and after the garden I’m going to save for cublets (I like them again, Silly mind.)

The set up was pretty smooth until we realized that we forgot a chair! After doing about half of the stressful selling standing (#go alliteration) the parents offered to bring one down (they went home to leave me to selling). The next hour was filled with all sorts of things including a squishy bellied lizard, a shattered vase (From my neighbours stall) and a child trying to sell their shoes for $20. After those up and downs afternoon I packed up and to go home and relax with Mum and Dad.

The cool thing about this sale is afterwards I got invited to the Christmas market and got tons of seeds and bottles from Friends and family! At the next sale I’m going to sell big and medium ones as well as the tiny ones like last time.



What’s up in the tree?

Yesterday I went up the tree and took some photos of things I found interesting and there were quite a few. First was the different mosses and lichen, there were so many I need to put them in a slide show just to fit them! Here they are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The difference between moss and lichen is the fact that moss is a plant and lichen is fungi and algae working together in a symbiotic relationship!

The next thing on the list is the bees, OMG the bees, that day they were buzzing like there was no tomorrow, or yesterday actually but back to beesiness, the bees were all gathering nectar and pollen.  So there were basically entire flowers made of them but even so I was lucky to even look at one let alone take a photo but I managed it and here it is

File_000 (62) The last thing is kind of weird one, it’s a white moth, just a sleepy white moth, cute and surprisingly pretty.File_000 (63).jpeg

Mind you everyone knows the most pretty and interesting thing in that tree is me 🙂 🙂File_000 (64)


I was doing some reading and I came across a thing describing a substance called vantablack the worlds darkest black.  It’s so black that if you paint a room with it and shone a torch into the room it will not light up at all you would just see that the torch is on and nothing else will show. The material itself is not a paint it is made out of carbon nano tubes that are 0.2-5 nanometers long and 1-2 nanometers wide.  That’s about 3500 times smaller than a human hair and they’re all clustered together to make the blackest material on earth.  One of my favorite ways to describe it though is it looks like a hole in the universe.

I hope you liked that little bit of science I personally found it quite interesting, if you want more of these fact based blogs tell me in the comments, thank you for your support.